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We have just received a substantial shipment of Arturo Fuente Opus X and Anejo Cigars. Come and experience the exquisite pleasure of these world class cigars for yourself.

Peretti’s has been voted as one of the world’s ten best tobacco stores by Forbes magazine.
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The L. J. Peretti Company is proud to present our 140th Anniversary Cigar. This cigar has been made to our exacting standards by the world famous Padron family, and represents the first time in history that Padron has made a private label cigar. Seductively dark and rich, this cigar is full bodied without being overpowering. A masterpiece of the cigar maker's art.

As one of the oldest tobacconists in the nation, continuously family operated for 130 years, it’s no surprise that we’re also considered one of the finest. We’re equally dedicated to all our product lines and strive to bring you the best we possibly can.


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