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The L. J. Peretti Company is proud to present our 140th Anniversary Cigar. This cigar has been made to our exacting standards by the world famous Padron family, and represents the first time in history that Padron has made a private label cigar. Seductively dark and rich, this cigar is full bodied without being overpowering. A masterpiece of the cigar maker's art.

From the famed Arturo Fuente factory comes the L.J. Peretti Co. 125th Anniversary Cigar. This cigar combines the binder and filler of the highly sought after Fuente Don Carlos with a silky smooth Connecticut shade wrapper, providing a mellow but full fl avored smoke.





Peretti’s Honduran Supreme
From the famed Jamastran Valley comes a cigar of superlative value and fl avor. This robusto is full-fl avored, yet has a refi ned mellowness only possible with the most discriminating blending.
$4.00 ea / $76.00 (20)

If you know Peretti’s you know we have one of the best selections in the country. We carry all the top brands, and our stock of rare cigars is as good as you’ll find!

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Certain cigars are not subject to out of state discount (Opus, private label cigars, etc.). Under agreement with Fuente we are unable to ship Opus cigars out of New England (MA,NH,VT,ME,RI,CT)





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