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    Pipa Croci Amica Freehand

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In 1870, Libero Joseph Peretti arrived in Boston from Lugano, Switzerland. Filled with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for fine tobacco, L.J. established the "Peretti Cuban Cigar Co." in Boston's historic North End. In the first two decades of business, the company provided a number of contributions to the tobacco industry and began to blend "house cigars".

1892 marks the establishment of the Peretti Cigar Factory in Park Square, Boston. For over for forty years, the company employed fifty rollers who produced some of the finest cigars in New England. Not only did Peretti's manufacture blended cigars, but they also created Clear Havana Vitolas such as the legendary La Mirendella.

L.J.'s son, Joseph, aka "The Major", followed his father into the family business. His primary love was pipes and pipe tobacco. Among his notable accomplishments was the creation of the first "English" blend, called British, in the United States; as well as securing the exclusive import rights to Peterson pipes and Sullivan & Powell tobaccos.

After World War II the third generation Peretti's, Robert, entered the firm. The original store had moved from the North End to the center of Boston on Massachusetts Avenue and there were additional stores throughout the financial district of Boston. Robert became a tobacco legend in United States and throughout the world. Most of the more than eighty house blends of pipe tobacco were created by Robert Peretti. His reputation as a blender led politicians, actors, celebrities and gentlemen of all callings to seek his tobacco advice.

Today we carry on the 149 years tradition of offering to you the finest tobacco products. Visit us at our 80 year old Park Square location. Call us with a question or a comment. And most importantly, as 2019 approaches, enjoy and utilize our website. Here, at Peretti's, we wait to serve all your smoking needs.

Stephen L. Willett

International customers: Please enjoy the selection we have to offer online and if you would like to place an order, please call us at (617)-482-0218.