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The Algerian Apple - M.T. Natural

"Algerian briar has a certain mystique. Up until the 1950's, the primary source of briar in 1st quality pipes such as Dunhill, Barling and Charatan was Algerian. Why don't we use Algerian briar anymore? The answer is unfortunate. During the Algerian war, the French fire-bombed the region along the coast where the briar grew.

Algerian briar is light, handsomely grained and remarkably dense. Hence, it has outstanding smoking qualities of sweetness and coolness."

Unlike the Algerian Billiard, we have a considerably smaller inventory of these recently acquired beauties. This apple is a larger, round-bowled pipe with clean wood and subtle grain that is sure to pop as it is smoked. Again, like the Algerian Billiard, we will never see these again once they are sold out. These odd shapes were cut from the same briar that formed the M.T. Natural billiard and will undoubtedly offer the same excellent smoking qualities.

Maker: M.T.
Shape: Apple
Length OA: 6 1/4"
Bowl height: 1 7/8"
Stem: Vulcanite

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