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Baldo Baldi Sandblast Dublin

It can be a challenged to try and put Baldi's work into words. It's nearly pointless, but we'll try. This pipe starts with a simple, oval stem and shank that makes it's way evenly to a heavily geometric bowl with hard, square edges and a smooth rim. The blast is craggy and tactile, and probably has a lot to do with the weight of this pipe. It nearly floats in air. Aside from the artistic beauty of a Baldi, they exist to serve as a smoking tool, and they do so very well. Baldi's briar is cured for many years before he so much as looks in its direction. While well-briar becomes brittle and is a challenge to shape, let alone blast, it makes for a dry, cool and honest smoke.

Maker: Baldo Baldi
Shape: Dublin
Length OA: 6"
Bowl height: 2"
Stem: Acyrlic

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