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England: Ashton
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  1. Ashton XXX Pebble Grain Lovat with Silver Band

    A short stemmed, long-shanked Lovat made by the late great Bill Taylor of Ashton. Moderately smoked. Accented with a silver band. 6 1/8" long with a 2" bowl.
  2. Ashton XXX Sovereign Bent Pear

    This elegant, pointed pear shape from Ashton is a slight departure from the late Bill Taylor's usual work, being slightly more delicate and freehand. Beautifully grained and light weight, with tight grain around the side and birds' eye grain on the rim. The brindle stem accents the grain of the bowl. This estate pipe is lightly smoked, 6 1/4" long overall with a 2 3/8" bowl. A collectible piece from a much-missed artisan.
  3. Ashton LX Sovereign Apple Sitter

    Another classic Ashton made by the late great Bill Taylor. Chunky but elegant, this pipe is 6 1/2" long with a 1 3/4" bowl. This is a moderately smoked estate pipe. Finished with a tapered brindle stem.
  4. Ashton LX Pebble Grain Black

    Check out the stunning texture on this pebble-grain sandblast. This is an estate pipe that was made by the late great Bill Taylor of Ashton. Like many of his pipes, it's simple, masculine, and rugged. Moderately smoked but well cared for. 6 1/4" long with a 1 1/2" bowl.
  5. Ashton XX Sovereign Lovat

    A rugged little English made Lovat from the late great William Taylor of Ashton. This pipe is moderately-well smoked with some charring on the rim but it has great vertical grain around the bowl and is guaranteed to provide hundreds more hours of smoking pleasure. A great deal on a one of a kind estate pipe. 5 1/4" long with a (surprisingly deep) 1 7/8" bowl. Smooth finish with a short saddle vulcanite bit.
  6. Ashton LX Sovereign Gilt Edge Silver Band Dublin

    A short, stocky Dublin/Lovat fitted with a narrow silver band. Made by the late great William Taylor of Ashton. This is a moderately smoked estate pipe. Uncommonly, it is made with a chamber to fit a 9mm filter, but will smoke equally well with or without it.
  7. Ashton ELX Sovereign Large Poker

    Big, bold, and beautiful, this large poker features a light natural grain and a brindle stem to match. Sits comfortably upright so you can take breaks in the extended smoking sessions you'll enjoy with this 7" pipe with its 2 1/2" tall bowl. Part of an estate collection of pipes by the late William Taylor of Ashton which have just recently come on the market.
7 Item(s)
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