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: Burley
    AMERICAN TYPE: Burley is the quintessential American tobacco, and has long been our nation's favorite. These blends are distinguished by the use of granular burley as the base tobacco. Burley is slow burning, cool smoking and blends well with about any type of tobacco. The combinations are endless, and the flavors delightful.
    Burley Blends
    1072 Order
    BPCA splendid burley plug cut which smokes sweet and cool. Order
    BelmontA blend that combines the mildness of Cavendish plus the cool, smooth burning quality of burley. It is a pleasant, light aromatic blend. Order
    Blend B-94A blend we have made up specially for smokers who have desired a rich, smooth rum cured tobacco. Its unique flavor and pleasant aroma have made it a favorite. Order
    Blend DDA cool, slow burning blend that is quite sweet to the taste and very fragrant. A good after dinner smoke. It required four years to perfect this blend. Order
    Blend No. 100A medium strength, slow burning, cool and aromatic blend of delightful flavor and aroma. Order
    Blend No. 101A remarkable blend of high quality imported and domestic tobaccos with an Irish aromatic tobacco added. Order
    Blend No. 102A very mild and slightly sweet aromatic blend of unusual fragrance and flavor with just a hint of chocolate. This mixture smokes cool and dry. Order
    Blend No. 111The same unusual blending of eight quality tobaccos as in our blend number 101, except that a non-aromatic Irish tobacco is used. An excellent, non-aromatic mixture. Order
    Blend No. 33A rough cut tobacco with just enough aromatic added to captivate your taste. This blend is medium strength and slow burning. Order
    Blend No. 333A splendid blend for those who like a fairly heavy tobacco that is not aromatic but is full of flavor. It is very slow burning and cool. Order
    Blend No. 52A distinct blend of burley, red Virginia and Dubeck brought back to life by the blenders at Peretti. This mixture offers sweetness and subtle piquancy. Currently available in limited quantities. Order
    Blend WA medium strength, slow burning and cool smoking blend. It bears a very sweet and nut-like flavor and because of its smoking qualities, it provides a mild spice. Order
    Cuban MixtureCreated at the turn of the century, this combination of seven different tobaccos is our oldest mixture, originally blended by L.J. Peretti. It is exceptionally mild and smooth and makes for an excellent all day smoke. It can, however, be blended into other mixtures for a milder effect. Order
    Irish MistA mild and slightly sweet tobacco with a delightful flavor and aroma. Order
    No NameTruly the worlds finest aromatic tobacco. A smooth blend created to be one unique tobacco of our collection. Its aroma and mildness stand alone among tobaccos. Order
    Original MixtureHere is one of our old favorites. A rich, full flavored aromatic blend of medium strength. It is slow burning and cool. Order
    Wild CherryHere is something for the smoker who likes a sweet, pleasant flavor and aroma. A good, mild blend with the distinct flavor of wild cherries. Order
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