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: Cavendish
    CAVENDISH TYPE: Originally referring to the cut of tobacco, "Cavendish" has become synonymous with the most popular variety of cased (sweetened) aromatic tobacco. They are mild and sweet. Most are richly cured to provide more flavor and aroma.
    Cavendish Blends
    Black VirginiaA treat for the smoker who likes a tobacco rich in flavor and aroma. An unusual black tobacco, which has been fire-cured and flavored with vanilla. Order
    Blend No. 432Our most popular cavendish. A combination of fire-cured cavendish and bright virginia with coconut flavoring. It's delightful flavor and aroma are sure to please. Order
    Boston's Best CavendishA mellow Cavendish blend cured with honey. Gives a cool, smooth smoke. Order
    Burlington BlendThis is a mellow, honey-cured blend made from select golden-light Green River tobacco. It's slow curing ensures a smooth, pleasantly sweet smoke with a pleasing aroma. Order
    Cherry CavendishAn ideal blend for those who like a sweet cherry flavor. Excellent aroma. Order
    Coffee BlendA tobacco for the true coffee lover. A pleasant, mild tobacco with a mellow sweetness and distinct coffee aroma. Order
    Dutch ChocolateA mild Cavendish with the captivating aroma of rich Dutch Chocolate. Order
    EbonyA pleasant, exceptionally mild blend that is combined with our Black Virginia to give it a delightful flavor and aroma. Order
    Strawberry PatchThis tobacco is mild and sweet with the flavor and aroma of fresh strawberries. Order
    Tropical FruitOne of the smoothest, cool smoking blends you can find. A blend of matured black Cavendish and quality flue-cured tobacco, cured with the exotic flavors of tropical fruits. Order
    Whiskey CavendishHere is a delightful Cavendish blend. Mild, smooth and mellow with a subtle flavor and aroma from curing with Kentucky Bourbon. Order
    YuletideVirginia Cavendish with flavors of Plum Pudding. Only available once a year!
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