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: English
    ENGLISH TYPE: Often preferred by the experienced pipe smoker, these blends use a base of Virginia or Turkish. Combined with other rich tobaccos, such as Orientals, matured Virginias, Perique or Latakia, they have intriguing flavors and provide a smooth smoke.
    English Blends
    Blend 500A real outdoor man's smoke with plenty of flavor and full strength. A unique blend of Virginia, Havana, Perique and Oriental. Order
    Blend D-7485A masterpiece of the blender's art. A blend that lends itself to gracious living. D-7485, a blend of a number of tobacco provides a cool, mild smoke. It was made originally for the late Honorable Ramsay MacDonald. It is considered by many to be a perfect "all day" smoke. Order
    Blend D-9507Our most unusual English-type tobacco flavored with rich, cured Virginia, blended with fine Dubeck Turkish. You will find it mild and smooth. Order
    Blend D-9575Here is a blend that combines the rich English flavors of Latakia and fine cured Virginia atop a burley base. It is smooth and spicy with a slight sweet tang. Order
    BritishOne of our more full-bodied blends and similar to many highly priced English tobaccos. This mixture is so carefully constructed that it's perique and latakia components complement each other perfectly. Order
    CenturyThis is the blend that was made especially to commemorate our 100th anniversary. A subtle mixture of Oriental lead and latakia, plus a rich, matured Virginian. Order
    CrownA pleasant English blend of Virginia, Cavendish and Oriental tobaccos. Rich and spicy in flavor and slightly aromatic. Order
    DevonshireAn old favorite. Devonshire consists of matured Virginia with only a hint of latakia. Order
    DundeeA fine Scottish blend of richly cured Virginia, plus the smooth subtle sweetness of Perique. Order
    English 110A pleasant English-style blend with the rich flavors of fine Oriental and Latakia tobaccos, but a sweeter blend than most. Order
    English 220A more full-bodied variety of English 110. Order
    MidnightThis is one of our most unusual blends. A combination of all black tobaccos, formidable in appearance, but mild and smooth with a rich, full, spicy flavor. Order
    OmegaRich and full flavored, Omega is ideal for relaxing in the evening after a fine meal. This blend is pleasantly spiced with the gentle flavor of Latakia and superb Turkish. Order
    Oriental No. 40A blend entirely made up off tobaccos from the Near East. It has richness and full flavor. Order
    Park SquareRed Virginia, matured Virginia and stoved Virginia are delicately spiced with just the right amount of Perique to create a rich and complex blend whose character evolves and emerges through out the bowl. Order
    Pride of Loch LomondA truly outstanding tobacco blended in the old Scottish Tradition. It is very complex and full bodied. Order
    Prince of WalesA pleasantly mild English-type tobacco with a fine, long-cut Virginia base. It has Latakia and Oriental tobaccos for flavor and smoothness, plus a touch of Irish tobacco. Order
    RCTRPeretti's only pure Virginia mixture. RCTR shows a subtle sweetness and nuance without cloying. A refined mixture for the Virginia lover. Order
    RoyalA blend of the choicest matured Virginian and the finest Oriental tobaccos. It contains a high percentage of the finest Yenidje leaf. Order
    Smith's OwnSomething for the lover of stout English mixtures. Bright and fired cured Virginias are generously spiced with Latakia and Perique creating a full flavored yet piquant blend, ideal for the evening hours. Order
    St. James MixtureOur newest "Va-Per." Varieties of Matured and Bright Virginias are mixed with a substantial amount of Perique, so that it has the strength of the Perique with the sweet smothness of a fine Virginia blend. Order
    TashkentNamed for “the most beautiful city in Central Asia,” this spicy, full flavored blend is made from Izmir, Turkish and Latakia. Order
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