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Mitchell Thomas Canted Poker

Every day pipes with good grain for a good price have become a challenge for Peretti's. It was only a few years ago that our wall's were lined with pipes just like this one here of all shapes and sizes. They were pipes made in a factory to exacting standards for shops just like ours. Those days are long gone. The only factory pipes remaining are riddled with pits and inconsistencies. They simply are not the same. Often, we scour the industry looking for forgotten leftovers from era's gone by. Every now and again, we find something.

You may remember the wonders of the Algerian Billiard. We certainly do. We thought we had seen the last of those pipes, but perhaps not. Mitchell Thomas Trading Co. approached us not long ago with an offer we simply could not pass up. We present to you these fabulous long-shanked pokers. This time around, we cannot confirm whether or not these are cut from Algerian stock but we do know that they are old pipes fitted with stems recently. We decided to buy a fair amount knowing well that our customers would appreciate them. Every one of these pipes is light weight and clear of any pits. We've all been given one to smoke and each of us was impressed my the cool smoke and comfortable stem. We're happy to offer these to you now. Unfortunately, we don't have many. Like the Algerian billiard, when these are gone, they will likely be gone for good. Enjoy.

Maker: MT
Shape: Poker
Length OA: 6 1/8"
Bowl height: 1 7/8"
Stem: Vulcanite

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