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Italy: Caminetto
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  1. Caminetto Bent Rhodesian with Army Mount

    An eye-catching and distinctly Italian Rhodesian fitted with an army mount. Despite its larger bowl size, this pipe is very light. The chamber is large and slightly narrow and the bowl is tall. The wood itself is free of flaws and finished in natural so that the excellent grain is not obscured.

    Maker: Caminetto, Italy
    Shape: Bent Rhodesian
    Length OA: 5 7/8"
    Bowl height: 2 3/8"
    Stem: Acrylic
  2. Caminetto Rusticated Bent

    A larger rusticated offering with a deep bend and capacious bowl. This rugged pipe looks to be one that will make for a satisfying and comfortable smoke.

    Maker: Caminetto, Italy
    Shape: Bent
    Length OA: 6"
    Bowl height: 2 1/8"
    Stem: Acrylic
2 Item(s)
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