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Italy: Castello
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  1. Castello Trademark 2G XL Pot

    Castello's G-series pipes are finished with a high-contrast stain they reserve for their best-grained pipes. This piece does not disappoint - just check out the gradations of color in this bird's-eye grain! This is an extra-large pot, 6" long with a thick walled, 2 1/4" tall bowl, fitted with a tapered stem to make it comfortable despite the larger size.
  2. Castello Collection 1K Apple

    In terms of pipes marked "Collection", the 'K' grade is more indicative of grain figure and quality. This beautiful pipe was only given a solitary 'K' when in fact it could have easily had 3 or 4. Finished in a lovely walnut contrast stain, this pipe has beautiful and abundant, fiery grain all around the bowl. The proportions of this briar are perfectly Italian with the short shank and short, slightly bent stem. A magnificent exhibition of Italian finesse.

    Maker: Castello
    Shape: Apple
    Length OA: 5 1/2"
    Bowl height: 1 7/8"
    Stem: Acrylic
  3. Castello Trademark 4K Full Bent Egg

    A ponderous pipe for pondering, with a deep bend for deep thinking. It's a 4K Castello with a tall bowl (2 1/2") and plentiful bird's eye grain around the perimeter. Rich russet stain really makes the finish pop. It's fitted with a military style push bit. Graded 4K and 6 1/2" long overall. Perfect for reclining and reading a couple chapters in your favorite armchair.
  4. Castello Natural Virgin 2K Rusticated Pot Shape 55

    Castello's Shape 55 is a Pot with an elongated "chin" at the front of the pipe which makes for an aggressive, sporty profile. At our recent trunk show I was fascinated to learn how many collectors are thrilled with this particular shape. Here's an example on the smaller side (4 3/4" long with a 1 1/2" bowl) in the craggy "Natural Virgin" finish. Graded 2K, this pipe is a bargain at $395 and would make a great-smoking introduction to Castello craftsmanship, or a great addition to your existing collection.
  5. Castello "Castello" 4K Flared Dublin

    One of the things that elevates a high-end pipe into a work of art is finding a shape that works together with the grain to create a harmonious whole. I love this pipe for the way the curves of the shape match the whorls of grain on the sides, with gentle curves and a flare that distinguish it from a more traditional Dublin shape. This pipe is from Castello's "Castello" line, grade 4K, 5 1/4" long with a 2" bowl.
  6. Castello "Le Dune" Panel Pot

    The artisans at Castello in Italy have experimented with many different finishes and textures over the years. Here's an older unsmoked pipe we came across from a series they produced called "Le Dune," carefully carved into a pattern resembling waves of sand at the beach. Carved in a panel-pot shape with squared off sides. 6" long with a bowl 1 3/4" tall. Guaranteed to smoke dry and remind you of the ocean even if you're trapped at the office. A limited-edition pipe.
  7. Castello Aristocratica Two-Tone Bent Dublin

    This pretty pipe is a real treasure. A full bent Dublin that flows with lines, elegant and simple, into a hand-cut tapered bit. Carved from plateau briar from the outer part of the burl, you can see the natural texture of the burl on the rim of the pipe. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the two-tone staining of the bowl, darker on top, with a flame-like pattern following the grain down the bowl. 5 1/4" long with a 2" bowl, this Italian pipe is guaranteed to smoke just as well as it looks.
  8. Castello Trademark 2G Large Tall Bulldog

    A large rugged pipe for an all-day smoke, indoors or out. This pipe is 6" long with a bowl 2 1/2" tall, with thick walls for a cool smoke and a diamond-shanked tapered bit. Taller than your average bulldog, it's an elongated play on the classic shape. The Italian craftsman has done a great job highlighting interesting grain on every facet and panel of this hand-made pipe. A collector's item that's destined to collect lots of attention!
Items 1 to 8 of 12 total
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