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England: Hardcastle
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  1. Hardcastle Jack o' London Volcano Sitter

    A flat-bottomed "sitter" pipe with a narrowing "volcano" shaped bowl. Perfect for working in the home-office or any place where you need to set your pipe down in between puffs. Medium sized at 5 2/4" with a 1 3/4" bowl. Tapered stem. Rich brown stain with some marvelous bird's eye grain on the bottom.
  2. Hardcastle Jack o' London Small Full Bent Billiard

    A traditional full bent billiard from Hardcastle's Jack o' London series. 5 1/4" with a 1 3/4" bowl. Smooth finish with a reddish-brown stain and a tapered bit. Small and light.
2 Item(s)
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