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United States: Nick Johnson
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  1. Nick Johnson Two Tone Accented Rhodesian

    A deeply bent, diamond shank pipe in the old fashioned "Rhodesian" or bent bulldog shape. A two-toned acrylic accent highlights the stem. 5 1/2" long with a 1 3/4" bowl. Stained a deep walnut color. Made with well-cured 75 year old briar. Check out the great grain along that shank!
  2. Nick Johnson Long Accented Billiard

    A jaunty billiard with an accent to the flared and tapered vulcanite stem. Extra long, at 6 1/2" with a 1 7/8" bowl. 75 year old briar is stained with a deep walnut stain, making this the perfect pipe for a night on the town (though it will smoke just as cool on a relaxing evening in). Hand-made by in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson.
  3. Nutty Nick Johnson Bent Billiard - With Nut!

    Nick Johnson's last "nut pipe," a straight billiard, was a hit. He's decided to try it with a classic bent this time. A hex-nut takes the place of a silver band in this full bent billiard. 5 1/2" long with a 2" bowl. A great example of how "non traditional" materials can make a pipe that's both fun and functional. Made from our stock of 75 year old briar and sure to smoke cool and dry.
  4. Nick Johnson Spring Mounted Flex Pipe

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer smokes the long pipe and keeps banging it into walls and doorways? If you've ever had that problem yourself, this might be the pipe for you. It's a billiard fitted with a flexible tube and spring extension, making it one of the more...creative (far-out?)...pipes we have on offer. Despite the eye-catching, new-fangled appearance of this pipe, it's made with briar that's been aging 75 years and is sure to smoke dry and sweet! 6 1/2" long with a 1 3/4" bowl.
  5. Nick Johnson Bamboo Shank Nose Warmer

    It's a bit of a trick to fit a Bamboo extension in a short, "nose-warmer" pipe, but in-house pipemaker Nick Johnson couldn't resist the challenge. This is a fun little pipe with a full-sized smooth billiard bowl. 5 1/4" long and 2" tall. Finished with a saddle bit.
  6. Nick Johnson Ebony and Ivory Bulldog

    This classic bulldog has the usual diamond shaped stem - but Nick has accented it with an "Ebony & Ivory" insert to accentuate the shape and give it a bit of flair. He's also finished the shank with a sterling silver band. Pipe is 5 1/2" overall with a 1 3/8" bowl.
  7. Nick Johnson Short Orange Bulldog

    A short, light bulldog to delight clenchers and people who love color. This nose-warmer is just 5" long with a 1 3/8" bowl. Perfect for a shorter smoke on the go. Finished with a diamond shank and stem of orange Lucite, and joined with a crown-shaped, scalloped accent. Another fine example of Nick's skill with ornamentation and detail.
7 Item(s)
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