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United States: Nick Johnson
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  1. Nick Johnson Small Silver Mounted Billiard

    A small straight pipe with a billiard shape bowl and a diamond shank. 5" long with a 1 3/4" bowl, thin walled, which holds a surprising amount of tobacco for the size. Handmade by in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson. This is a small, mid-grade pipe with a shank reinforced by a sterling silver band. A nice, light-weight all day smoker.
  2. Nick Johnson Small Bulldog

    A small to medium classic bulldog made from 125 year old briar by in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson. Feather light at 5 1/4" long by 1 5/8" tall. A crown-shaped lucite accent of blue and yellow highlights the vulcanite stem. Stunning cross-grain with tight birdseye on the sides of the bowl.
  3. Nick Johnson Long Lovat Bulldog

    Crisp lines, sharp angles, and perfect balance to this tight-grained, long-shanked bulldog from in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson. The short vulcanite stem has been accented with a bar of translucent brown lucite to match the wood. 5 1/8" long with a 1 3/4" tall bowl. Well-cured 125 year old briar makes for an amazingly light pipe.
  4. Nick Johnson Bent Oval Shanked Chimney

    A surprisingly complex shape despite the simple lines, this full bent pipe has an oval-shaped shank that flows elegantly into the straight-walled chimney bowl. 5 3/8" long with a bowl height of 1 7/8". An ivory colored insert highlights the gently tapered vulcanite stem. Tight cross-grain and birdseye on a reddish brown bowl. Another great piece from Nick Johnson.
  5. Nick Johnson OUTER SPACE PIPE

    Nick's wild and creative side really comes out in some of his pieces. Here is a half bent billiard that celebrates space travel with carvings of the moon, the lunar lander, a space-walking astronaut, stars, satellites, and even a UFO! All hand carved from 125 year old briar here at LJ Peretti by Nick Johnson. The ultimate blending of old and new!
5 Item(s)
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