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United States: Nick Johnson
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  1. Nick Johnson Full Bent Silver Mounted Bulldog

    There's something especially "old fashioned" and classic about the look of this full bent, silver mounted bulldog. Made by in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson, it features a deep bend with a diamond-shank, and is made from briar we've had aging for over 70 years. Finished with a sterling silver band. 5 1/2" long with a deep 2" bowl.
  2. Nick Johnson Ebony and Ivory Bulldog

    This classic bulldog has the usual diamond shaped stem - but Nick has accented it with an "Ebony & Ivory" insert to accentuate the shape and give it a bit of flair. He's also finished the shank with a sterling silver band. Pipe is 5 1/2" overall with a 1 3/8" bowl.
  3. Nick Johnson Bent Billiard with Horn

    Nick continues to experiment with different materials in the design and accent of his pipes. This bent billiard, 5 1/2" long with a 1 3/4" bowl, has been finished with a length of animal horn to give it a rugged, sporty look. The saddle stem ensures a comfortable smoke. This pipe has exceptional grain from the 125 year old briar, with tight bird's eye on the top and bottom. A couple of small pits mean we can't sell this as a premium "first" quality pipe - making it a sweet-smoking bargain at $175.00.
  4. Nick Johnson Short Orange Bulldog

    A short, light bulldog to delight clenchers and people who love color. This nose-warmer is just 5" long with a 1 3/8" bowl. Perfect for a shorter smoke on the go. Finished with a diamond shank and stem of orange Lucite, and joined with a crown-shaped, scalloped accent. Another fine example of Nick's skill with ornamentation and detail.
  5. Nick Johnson Flower Petal

    Here's a freehand pipe that Nick carved to resemble the petals of an opening flower. The lines are subtle, flowing organically from the tapered stem, along the yellow Lucite accent, and into the flaring, unfurling bowl. Not too different from a traditional bent Dublin, this 6" long pipe with a 2" bowl is another example of our in-house pipemaker's ability to work something new and fresh from traditional forms.
  6. Nick Johnson Small Bulldog

    A small to medium classic bulldog made from 125 year old briar by in-house pipe maker Nick Johnson. Feather light at 5 1/4" long by 1 5/8" tall. A crown-shaped lucite accent of blue and yellow highlights the vulcanite stem. Stunning cross-grain with tight birdseye on the sides of the bowl.
  7. Nick Johnson Silver Mounted Accented Billiard

    In-house pipe-maker Nick Johnson doesn't do anything by half-measures. That's why this classical billiard pipe sports both a silver band on the shank and a lucite accent in the tapered vulcanite stem. Made from well-aged, 70 year old briar and guaranteed to smoke sweet for 100 more.
7 Item(s)
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