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Italy: Ser Jacopo
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  1. Ser Jacopo S3 Maxima Spongia Bent Dublin

    A large and rather light pipe with a very capacious and somewhat conical chamber. Like all virgin finished pipes, this Ser Jacopo will color beautifully after having been smoked for a time. A superior and large briar for one who likes to take their time.

    Maker: Ser Jacopo
    Shape: Bent Dublin
    Length OA: 7 1/2"
    Bowl height: 2 3/4"
    Stem: Acrylic

    Regular Price: $390.00

    Special Price $351.00

  2. Ser Jacopo Spongia S3

    A stunning and deep virgin blast that is lightweight, and truly eye-catching. Ser Jacopo has a knack for producing some interesting shapes. This briar is nearly perfectly rendered. The grain figure has been excellently positioned to make for a very complete composition. As it is smoked, it will take on a lovely patina, as virgin briars do, and it will become uniquely your own. We love natural pipes here. Is it obvious?

    Maker: Ser Jacopo
    Shape: Straight
    Length OA: 6 1/2"
    Bowl height: 1 3/4"
    Stem: Acrylic

    Regular Price: $340.00

    Special Price $306.00

  3. Ser Jacopo L1 Walnut Panel

    Geometrical precision with a freehand flair. This walnut-stained pipe features an octagonal bowl that has been canted forward by several degrees to perfectly capture a cross-grain pattern on the sides and birds-eye grain on the top and bottom. The tight birds-eye is especially apparent on the flat bottom, and the pipe is a nice, solid "sitter" for those who frequently set their pipe down while smoking. This is remarkably light for such a large bowled pipe. Features a comfortable tapered bit.

    Maker: Ser Jacopo
    Shape: Straight Panel
    Length OA: 6 1/2"
    Bowl height: 1 7/8"
    Stem: Vulcanite

    Regular Price: $410.00

    Special Price $369.00

  4. Ser Jacopo L1 Freehand Canted Poker

    A real attention-grabbing pipe, both for the unique approach to the classic "poker" shape, the Dublin-style flare to the bowl, the high contrast to the grain, and the metal accent on the band. The bowl is deep without being over-large, ensuring a long, leisurely smoke. Pipe is flat-bottomed to sit upright. This is another one of the treasures we picked up at our trunk show, straight from Italy!

    Maker: Ser Jacopo
    Shape: Freehand Poker
    Length OA: 6 1/4"
    Bowl height: 2 1/8"
    Stem: Lucite

    Regular Price: $460.00

    Special Price $414.00

  5. Ser Jacopo L1 Thick Walled Billiard

    A bold pipe for the confident smoker! There is great straight-grain around much of this thick-walled bowl, and tight clusters of birds-eye atop the rim. The walls are especially thick (3/8"!) ensuring this pipe will smoke cool in the hand, even outdoors. A narrow silver band accents the junction of pipe and stem. A chunky take on the classic billiard shape.

    Maker: Ser Jacopo
    Shape: Billiard
    Length OA: 6 1/8"
    Bowl height: 2 1/4"
    Stem: Vulcanite

    Regular Price: $460.00

    Special Price $414.00

5 Item(s)
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