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  1. Selected Hybrid Blend Sampler

    Distinctly American blends with English flair. 3 of these 4 mixtures are based with a company favorite: Burley. D-9507 however contains a base of fire-cured with added perique and turkish. Delicious, different, and hand-blended. Contained:
    1 Ounce - D-7485
    1 Ounce - D-9575
    1 Ounce - D9507
    1 Ounce - Crown
  2. Selected English Sampler

    Explore the best of Peretti's English mixtures with this carefully selected set of 4 perfect English tobaccos. A classic variety of refined blending and choice Orientals, Virginias and middle-eastern tobaccos. Contained:
    1 Ounce - British
    1 Ounce - Century
    1 Ounce - Royal
    1 Ounce - Omega
  3. Aromatic Burley Sampler

    Burley takes on dressings quite well, and because of this, we believe our distinct line of aromatic burley mixtures are among the best. Taste the range of flavors with this brief sampler, and experience a carefully balanced smoking experience. No tobacco in this sampler is overwhelmed by it's aromatic component, even the famed and fragrant 'No Name'. Contained:
    1 Ounce - No Name
    1 Ounce - Blend B-94
    1 Ounce - Blend 100
    1 Ounce - Blend 102
  4. Non-Aromatic Burley Sampler

    Acquire a taste for the best burley's we have to offer. If there is one mixture we do well, it's classic American burley. Mild to medium strength, nutty, slightly sweet and cool burning, Peretti burley's have pleased our customers non-stop since the 30's. There's a reason for it. Contained:
    1 Ounce - Blend 111
    1 Ounce - BPC (Burley Plug Cut)
    1 Ounce - Blend 333
    1 Ounce - Blend 52
  5. Select Cavendish 4 Blend Sampler

    The best sellers of all the Peretti Cavendish offerings, conveniently available in one unit. Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you seek something that won't make your significant other leave you when you fire up your favorite briar? The perfect sampler with plenty of aromatic flavor and mildness. Contained:
    1 Ounce - Blend 432
    1 Ounce - Belmont
    1 Ounce - Boston's Best Cavendish
    1 Ounce - Ebony
5 Item(s)
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